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More Tips for the Tips #54

Tip #54 – Top Ten Lists

Top ten lists that you create with your family can be used at any time, any occassion or any event on any day, week or month.  If everyone in the family does a few during the absence they will be another great thing to add to your journal or scrapbook during the deployment or absence that you can share when they get home. They are easy to create and don’t take a lot of time to complete which both my students and children liked about them.  You could create a blog just for your top tens.  It would be useful for the absent family member as it would not matter in which order he/she recieved them and they could easily read them and hear about what you are all doing and thinking just by reading your lists.

Here are some more list suggestions:

Top Ten Reliable People

Top Ten Good Secret Keepers

Top Ten Favourite Things To Do While You Are Away

Top Ten Favourite Movies We’ve Seen While You Were Away

Top Ten Places We’ve Visited

Top Ten Meals We’ve Eaten

Top Ten Things We Want To Do When You Are Home

Top Ten Worst Things About You Not Being Here

Top Ten Wishes We Want To Come True

Top Ten Favourite Snacks

Top Ten Scariest Things

Top Ten Greatest Things About Our Family

Top Ten Things We Are Thankful For

Top Ten Best Things About Halloween

Top Ten Ways We’ve Changed

Top Ten Nicest Things That People Have Done This Week

Top Ten Things We Are Going To Do Before You Get Home

Top Ten Songs We Love

Top Ten Reasons We Can’t Wait For You To Come Home

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