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More Tips For Military Families – Tip #61

Tip #61 – Time Charts and Clocks

If you know where your absent family member is going to be, put up two clocks so that you can think of them at different times or perhaps get a rough idea of when they may be able to get in touch with you.  When my kids were younger, we used the clocks as a way of explaining to our kids that their Dad was a long way away and so far that he was working and living in a different time zone.  We would play the game, at different times of the day, ‘What is Daddy doing now?’  We would come up with all sorts of silly things.   So the kids could really understand time changes, I made a chart that said, “When We Are – They are”.  I have attached the chart for you to use (it is also in the “While You Were Away Absence Journal for Families” – Available through Amazon).

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