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Tips for the tips # 72

Tip # 72 – Create a Family Motto

When you create a family motto you are all taking the time to talk about what the core values of your family are and what is the thing that you share in common or bonds you as a family.

Before making the motto give everyone an opportunity to give input.  Have each person write 5 words that describe your family and 5 goals they think that the family should have and 1 thing that makes your family unique and special.

Our family motto, when I was growing up, was “Carpe Diem” which we all knew meant – ‘Seize the day’.  Live every day to the fullest and like it could be your last, take opportunities that came your way and tell the people that are important to you how much you love them as often as possible.  When times were tough it was the saying that reminded us that we all had a belief that we shared and that connected us even when we were miles apart.  We would end conversations this way, write it on notes, email it, etc.  Many things may change and you may continue to feel miles apart even when they are back at home but this is something that can remind you of the bond that you share.  It doesn’t have to be long, too deep or complicated.  It should be something that everyone can relate to, understand and remember.

The family motto can be song lyrics you all like, a family joke, a goal or dream, a famous saying or quote, or something you all create together.

Some suggestions to get you started:

Nothing clearer than the stars, reach for them

Love First

In difficultly,win by patience

Strong in faith
Always with trust

United regardless of distance

Plentiful and in time

Take things as we find them

Seize the day

Live it to the fullest

Learn, Work, Love, Respect

Broaden and Contribute

Aim higher than the mark

There is nothing we can’t do, only things we haven’t done

Together we can

Wisdom and Acceptance balanced with moderation

United we stand

* Make sure everyone is in agreement and then post it in the house, on the fridge, have a plaque made, etc.


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