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More Tips for the Tips #111

#111 – Phone Trees for all occassions

* Phone trees for unit’s family members

– If this is available ask for it as it will be a helpful way of getting in touch with other members (birth of a baby, death or injury of a family member, events that are happening that you could attend, etc.)

* Phone tress for family

– When you want to share important news you certainly won’t feel like calling people and telling them over and over again.  This way the person that the top of the tree can call the next person and so on and so on

* Phone trees for work or friends

– It is often easier to call one person and then have the information passed on.  If you have a phone tree it means the likelyhood of someone getting missed or ‘forgotten’ will be much less

(See below for a sample phone tree)

Make sure that people are all aware of the phone tree and that their contact information should not be given out to any 3rd parties and is only going to be used to get in touch with them by the people on the tree.

Keep the phone tree somewhere safe, email it to yourself, save it to your phone, give a copy to another trusted friend or family member so that you will always be able to have access to it.

If you never have a chance to use it, when your family member comes home use it to plan a welcome back dinner or party (**when they are up to it).  I used ours at the end of a deployment to let people know my husband was home safely and that we would be in touch in a few weeks when things had settled down.  This gently let people know that we needed some time together before having people over or going out so that we could re-adjust.


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  1. I like the one about working with friends.

  2. I like the one about friends well done ))))

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