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More Tips for the Tips # 87

#87 – Get  A Babysitter

We lived in our house for over a year before I found a babysitter.  We imposed on friends and family and it was never completely relaxing as we felt guilty – always in the situation of owing people or imposing on people that perhaps really didn’t want the role of babysitter.  It turns out that a lovely (make that amazing) babysitter was about 6 houses down the entire time.  Now that we have her we want to keep her forever or at least until my own kids are ready to babysit other people!  Surprisingly, all of the babysitters we have had over the years indicated that it wasn’t so much the amount of money they got paid (that helped) or how long you stay out or even how annoying our children were but that when they cometo babysit  they know what is happening, if there are issues or concerns, what the kids limitations are, emergency contacts – essentially, information is what they really want the most so that they will have the answers if or when they need them.  When a family member is absent is especially important to take a break from the routine and go out and enjoy yourself and it is a lot more relaxing if you can do it worry free knowing that you have a babysitter that is not only trustworthy and reliable but also has all of the information that she/he could ever need.

Some information suggestions:

** This list might need to be updated regularly if your family member(s) are away.

  1. Your full names
  2. Your street address & home phone number
  3. Where you are going
  4. Cell phone numbers or how you can be reached
  5. Who to contact if you are not reachable – don’t forget to tell them your relationship to this person
  6. What time you are expected back and call if you are going to be later
  7. Name and phone number of neighbor to call if they are needed
  8. Names and phone numbers of grandparents or other close relatives
  9. Name & age of children
  10. Allergies or medical conditions and procedures they follow
  11. Foods or snacks they can or cannot have
  12. What can your babysitter eat and drink
  13. What is your policy on them using your computer, phone, TV, gaming system, etc.
  14. How much do you pay per hour and will the amount go up after a certain time at night (ex. Midnight)
  15. TV and gaming restrictions for your children
  16. Do you want them to answer the phone (if so, what message do you want relayed or taken)
  17. Do you want them to answer the door
  18. Are there areas in the house that are out of bounds
  19. Do you want them to do anything with pets (if you have any)
  20. What are your expectations around cleaning up or other chores

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