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Tip # 106 for Families

Tip #106 – Things You Can Prepare

There are some things that you can prepare ahead of time to make your life easier before any absence or deployment (if you actually get some advanced warning, of course).  Having some things done in advance will help you feel more in control, reduce your stress and give you time for more important things like enjoying time with your family, taking more time for yourself and relaxing after a long day.

Some examples:

Pay bills – Organize automatic payments for monthly bills where possible

Freeze meals – Make larger batches of things so that you can freeze the extra and use it later  when you don’t feel like cooking (label carefully)

Make Lists -Make contact information lists, lists of things that the person thinks they will need, email mailing list, update address books

Buy Bulk -Save yourself additional trips to the grocery store whenever you can.  Buy in bulk and reduce the amount of time and trips to the store

Pet care & food – Buy in bulk and organize the closest vet and anyone that would be able to look after your pets in your absence or at the last minute

Cards and Presents – If your budget can make it work, have presents and cards already purchased before your loved one goes away.  It is a win-win since you can tell the person getting the card or present that you both chose it and it is already done well in advance so it won’t be an additional stress

Legal documents – Wills, Power of Attorney, Passport applications, Travel documentation and authorization should all be prepared and put in a safe place so that you aren’t scrambling to find something or they aren’t invalid or out of date.

Expiry Dates – Look through all passports, identification cards, insurance (home, travel, auto and health), credit cards, etc. and ensure that these things will not become out of date while the person is absent or deployed.  Many places will allow you to renew in advance of their leaving.

Essentially, anything that can easily be done in advance, should be if time and your budget will allow.  Having said this, make sure that that not all of the time leading up to the absence or deployment is filled with errands and running around.  You also want to have time with family and friends.


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