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Tips on the Tips – ECards

Keeping in touch isn’t easy.  My friends and family thought I would be like my mother.  She was the queen of keeping in touch with people and sending cards, letters, notes or phoning just to let them know she cared and was thinking of them.  I am not the queen, princess or even royalty when it comes to keeping in touch.  I think about most of these significant people everyday but I am terrible at getting things out on time.  I often feel guilty as people will make comments or have long silences as I apologize for not being on top of a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. greeting.  I work, my kids have school and a million other commitments and my husband is away at least 2 weeks of every month if he isn’t deployed – just to name a few of the things that keep us on our toes.  Even after all of these good reasons I still think that I should be better but I want to find an easier solution than my current one (go to store with children or make card with children, come home write it, put some treat or note inside it, it sits on counter or in car for at least a week then finally mail it out at least a week late).  So my tip is inspired today by me needing to get better with showing people that I am thinking about them.  There are a ton of websites that I have spent the last week experimenting with and trying out that will make your life easier.

ECards (Electronic Cards)

* If you don’t have an email account, this would be worth it alone!  Or set up a separate account just to register yourself with a ECard company and to send your cards from.


– By FAR my favourite site.  There are a ton of things you can do for free and all you have to do is email it out.  It is user friendly (I did it and that should definitely be a measuring stick for how easy a site is or isn’t).  You just upload funny pictures of you, choose a scene, dance or card and away you go.  It will be one of the most fun things you do with your family (or on your own) on a computer EVER!  It is $12 a year!  It is a reputable site and I have been using it for the last 2 1/2 years.


– A really good or thoughtful card for everything.  It started as a small company from a house that grew and grew.  There is a card for every occasion, you can see when it has been delivered and and opened.  You can add your own messages and thoughts.  The membership is $12 for one year or $18 for two years!


– Will send you a 7 day reminder, then a one day and then on the day (you would think with all of these reminders I would be better than I am!).  The alarms are all free.

It is free for the basic service but if you want to pay a minimal fee you can upgrade, make your own cards, invitations, etc. and upload your photos and put them onto cards and they will send it out for you.


– There is a 10 day free trial and then there are fees depending on the membership and services you would like but all of the cards are light and fun and there is one for any possible thought or occasion you can imagine.

** On all of these sites there are fees for one thing or another.  Be careful and make sure that you know what you are getting into.  For more sites go to Google and search “ecards” there will be more than you can possibly imagine.


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